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The Gurkha Nepalese Community London Borough of Hounslow(GNCH) was officially established on 24th Jan 2009, although it has been claimed that the earlier date was in 2005.

Our main is

Preserving the Nepalese culture, languages, education, sports and integrating with the local community, as well as promoting friendship, cooperating among the Nepalese people working and living in the London Borough of Hounslow Council and the surrounding area.

GNCLBH registered with the Council for voluntary Service Hounslow (CVSH) in 11th February 2009 since then it’s become well known in London Borough of Hounslow Council


Preserve & Promote

Nepalese multi-traditional culture and equally respect to others.


Help & Assist

Our members in all aspects (Social, moral, health and financial) resources available, especially in the event of death, terminally ill and long-term hospitalization of individual or family members.



Our members to support and take part in the London Borough of Hounslow and its surroundings, as well as running activities, and being involved in environmental & social community support and charitable events.



To urge younger generations on education, sports, health and social activities so that they can have a common idea to integrate into communities, better understanding and mutual respect of religions, politics and cultural differences amongst them.

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