Gurkha Nepalese Community London Borough of Hounslow

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GNCLBH Community for the Community

GNCLBH Communities is an organization that provides creative activities for young people and develops their creativity with new skills. Here, you can find outdoor activities, arts and crafts, and team-building events that are very helpful for your brain development.

The perfect place to learn more about what we do and why our community matter…

Our Events

Gurkha Nepalese Community London Borough of Hounslow runs annual event each year in support to our SPEAR veteran and many other partnership such as SSAFA caseworker and raising funds for our community.

Youth Club Activities

Gurkha Nepalese Communities is a youth club with the purpose of making young people aware of their talent. For those who want to explore their hidden talents, Nepal Communities is a perfect place for you.


On behalf of the executive committee, I would like to inform all members that “Gurkha Nepalese community London Borough of Hounslow” Logo & its abbreviation from GNCH have been changed to GNCLBH.

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Our Community Events from Past to Present Days

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